What are profiles?

A resizing profile is a combination of settings that is saved under a common name. Profiles allow you to quickly switch between settings without having to make any manual configuration changes.

RoboSizer includes several pre-configured profiles based on popular uses. You can leave these profiles as they are, delete the ones you have no use for,  create your own, or rename any of the default profiles. You can also change the profile names.

For example:  If you don't use Facebook, you can delete the "Facebook" profile or you can rename it to "MySpace" or "Social Networking" - whatever suits you.

You can always restore the Factory Default Settings from the "File" menu item.

You can switch between profiles from the system tray menu!

Profile Settings

Current Profile: Select the profile that you want to edit. By default, the selected profile is also the active profile and will be used for all applications.

An asterisk (*) next to the profile name: Means that the profile has been changed from the default settings or has been created by you.

New... : Create a new profile - you can create as many profiles as you wish.

Rename...: Change the name of the current profile to something else.

Delete...: Yes, you guessed correctly, this will delete the currently selected profile.

JPEG Quality: Determines the level of JPEG compression, higher values result in better quality. Leave this at default or read this topic for more information

Enforce Width or Height: Please read the Advanced Uses section.

Resize these types of images: In addition to standard photos (JPG), RoboSizer can also resize PNG, BMP and TGA image files. Due to the nature of these formats, resulting file sizes are usually much larger than with JPG images.

Include in tray menu: If checked, the selected profile will be included in the tray menu. You may want to exclude profiles that you are not using frequently, making the tray menu easier to navigate.


Max Image Width and Max Image Height

These are the target width and height for the resized image. Because RoboSizer will always use a proper aspect ratio, these values are not absolute.

If you look at the email profile above, the values are Width: 800 and Height: 720 - this does NOT mean that your image will actually be resized to 800x720 pixels.

Instead, RoboSizer will automatically calculate the proper aspect ratio and use the values that are nearest to your desired image size.

In this example, a 2100x1500 photo would not be resized to 800x720 but rather to 800x571 pixels


You can drag a photo onto the preview area to test your current profile settings without actually changing your image.

  >> Advanced Resizing Techniques

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