Program Settings

The Program Settings dialog allows you to enable or disable several of the application level features.

Image Cache

This is where RoboSizer stores temporary copies of your resized images.

Automatically clear the cache when RoboSizer exits

This will cause RoboSizer to delete all temporary images when the program exits. If you uncheck this, RoboSizer will keep the last 100 images in the cache.

Open the image cache folder to view the images in the folder.

Delete the content of the image cache folder.

Autostart with Windows

In order for RoboSizer to work whenever you need it, it is set to automatically start with Windows. If you change this, you will need to start RoboSizer manually whenever you want it to resize your images.

Minimize to tray on start

RoboSizer will automatically minimize itself to the system tray when it starts. If unchecked, you will see the main application dialog each time the program starts.

Minimize to tray on exit

Clicking on the exit button will cause RoboSizer to minimize to the tray instead of exiting. Prevents accidental exiting by closing the dialog.

Play Sound when resizing

By default, RoboSizer will play a short sound to alert you that is resizing images. You can choose from different sounds or turn this feature off completely.

Tray icon behavior during resizing

You can choose to show a tray balloon message or to change the tray icon color to indicate that RoboSizer is resizing images.

Show mouseover help text

Holding your mouse over any of the controls will bring up a small help text. Useful if you are new to RoboSizer. You may turn this off at any time if you feel comfortable without it.

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