Example uses

Upload and email photos 10 times faster!

RoboSizer makes sending and receiving picture attachments with emails and instant messages a lot faster. Share more images in less time. No more waiting for photos to upload - share your pictures in seconds, not minutes.

Overcome email attachment limitations

Most email providers have a limit on the size of email attachments. For example, Gmail only allows you to send up to 25 MegaBytes per email. Unless you resize your images, this can limit you to 4-5 photo attachments.

With RoboSizer, the average file of your photos will be about 80kb, depending on the profile you use. This is the perfect size for fast sending and easy desktop viewing - not to mention, it would allow you to attach more than 200 photos without ever reaching the attachment limit.

Faster photo uploads

Uploading images to photo sharing sites like Flickr, Pbase, Facebook, MySpace etc. can be time

consuming unless you resize and optimize your images first. RoboSizer will do this for you automatically, no need for manual resizing. We even included pre-configure profiles based on the photo resizing guidelines of many popular sites.

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