Advanced Resizing Techniques

Enforce Width or Height

As explained above, RoboSizer will not use the exact values that you enter, instead it will enforce only one of these values and resize the image so that it falls within the 800x700 boundaries while maintaining the proper aspect ratio.

You can choose to enforce either the Width or the Height, which will cause RoboSizer to strictly enforce the selected value and ignore the other one. For example, if you choose to enforce the width, the photo will always be 800 pixel wide and the height will be adjusted accordingly.

If you enforce the image Width, whatever value you enter in the Height field becomes irrelevant and vice versa.

If you use the same values for the Width or Height (e.g. 800x800) the image width will never exceed 800 pixels and the image height will never exceed 800 pixels.

Here are some examples:

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