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automatic image resizing in many popular applications

Automatically resize and optimize your pictures

RoboSizer offers fully automatic, on-the-fly image optimization that completely eliminates the need to manually resize your photos. Unlike other resizing applications, RoboSizer works in real-time and automatically resizes images when they need to be resized!

Just attach your images to an email, instant message or upload them to the web, and RoboSizer will automatically optimize them for you! There is nothing to configure, no additional steps to take - just send your images like you always do and RoboSizer will do the rest!


The fastest and easiest way to resize your images!

  • Fully automatic. No configuration required!
  • No need for other image resizing apps!
  • Save time and bandwidth!
  • Works with all popular email programs, browsers and messengers!
  • Your original images are never changed!


supportedapps Works with all your favorite applications RoboSizer works with all your favorite applications, including most email programs, all popular web browsers and many instant messengers. The list includes: Outlook, Webmail (Gmail, Yahoo etc.), Skype, ICQ, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and more than 30 other apps.
Click here for the full list of supported applications.
traymessage Automatic resizing whenever you share your photos! There is nothing to configure, no extra steps to take! RoboSizer will automatically detect when you use a supported application for image sharing and resize your photos according to your settings.
profiles Easily customized to your needs! RoboSizer's default settings are designed to provide great results for most uses. However, if you have specific resizing need, you can easily customize the settings or create your own custom profiles.
speed Save time and bandwidth Over time, RoboSizer will save you minutes and hours of time that you would have spent waiting for your picures to upload.
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